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Calling all Jelly Lovers

Judges 9: 11 Should I give up my fruit, so good and sweet


Picture: Pear Cinnamon Jam, Meyer Lemon Marmalade, Blueberry Jelly, Grape Jelly, Wild Violet Jelly

So I have been making jelly now for a year. I have actually only gone through 3 jars and gifted a bunch more. What do I do with all this jelly (especially when my kid is probably the only kid who does not like peanut butter jelly sandwiches). I made thumbprint cookies with the watermelon jelly I made last year. I made peach muffins with the peach jam I made last year. And as soon as I attempt homemade poptarts I will post the recipe. I have used jelly instead of syrup on pancakes and waffles.

Does anyone else have any way to use up all this jelly?

If not – expect a loaf of bread and a jar of jelly for Christmas!

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What’s in Season? May

Leviticus 26:4 I will send you rain in its season, and the ground will yield its crops and the trees their fruit.

Well April flew by. I never got to my dandilion recipe, but I will soon. I never used the wild onions. But May is here, and things will be in season soon. May is the month most farmer’s markets up. Your green spring vegetable will be popping up. You will finally have soemthing besides perserved food and root veggies if you only eat local.


So what is in season in Pennsylvania
Fava Beans
Garlic Scapes

Fresh, tender spring greens are the first signs that the lighter dishes of spring are on their way (and that hearty winter eating is coming to an end). LET THE SALADS BEGIN! Spring vegetables are not good preserved unless you consider drying herbs.